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1. The Legal Situation
2. Emotional Security
3. The Medical Side
Tips and Tricks


Bondage Gear
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Drachenmann's Livejournal (ended 2012 - but still informative)

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2. Informations

Legal things about Bondage

Bondage Contracts

Emotional Safety

Medical Infos about Bondage

Bondage Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, About a good ambient

Evening Workshop-Schedule

Intense 3-Days Workshops

3. Basics and Definitions

How it starts

The magic triangle, Interview with the founder of the page, e


Gallery with Examples for Japanese Bondage Names

Glossar (thanks to

Bondage Rules

"Bondage, beyond restraint" copyright by Esinem 2008

Examples for Bondage Sessions

Japanese Bondage Origions

Punishment and the Beauty of Japanese Bondage (Kinbaku)

The Development of modern japanese Bondage

Origins of other japanese Bondage Forms

Interview with Master K. about Kinbaku

4. Rope and Bondage Gear

Kinds of Rope and Rope Care

How to do nosehooks?


Physics for Bondage People

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German Bondage Sessions

Friends Bondage Gallerys

Japanese and German Performance Gallerys

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Japanese Bondage

Bondage generally

Related Topics (Bodyplay and BDSM)

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