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Dear visitors,

You are currently at the pages of Bondage Project of the
We want to show much more than just a few nice bondage photos, which stimulate your eyes and your senses. We also want to show you the techniques of japanese bondage (known as SHIBARI) and bondage in general and give you tips for a safe and consensual bondage pleasure.
We want to build a brigde between erotic bondage and bondage art.
What does japanese bondage mean? It is the smell of the finished hemp rope, the sound of it moving over skin, the structure it leaves on human tissue, the postures it forces the human body to take. Of all this and more consists the fascination, which never leaves us again, which binds us together. We like it very much, no, we love it. And we want to share this love with you.
Bondage has many different aspects, and according to some person's likings one or another of these aspects is the main thing. Some of us like the feeling of being tied up and unable to move, held safely and securely, of floating, feeling gravity suspended. Some simply love the feeling of being held by ropes, totally at the mercy of their partner. Some like it to feel helpless, some like to struggle against the bondage. Some like the changing postures the body is forced into by the ropes. Some think it's a wonderful kind of body jewellery, a meditation or a process of art.
But of course, bondage can simply be joyful and stimulating, too ...

And last but not least, we do not want to forget the most beautiful and natural bondage of all human beings - LOVE.

Please have a look - and enjoy.

With best regards,

Dana und Matthias T.J. Grimme - Hamburg 1999

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