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1. Examples for Bondage Sessions

2. Edge Play

Translated from: Das Bondage-Handbuch, Matthias T. J. Grimme, Charon Verlag 1999/2013

Ropart-Shows at Harley Days 2014 - Hamburg

German Performance on a party

Bondage-Fashion-Pictures - Photo Thomas Rusch - Bondage by me

Performance at Bretigny (Paris)

Outdoor Photosession in deep winter

Shooting with Roman Gilz for his exhibition "Minus 7 Grad"

1. Examples for Bondage Sessions

We have known each other for some time, we talked about what we like and what we don't like. I know that she likes being held and likes the pressure of bondage and wants to experience that for a longer time once. She would like to have sex while being tied up, too. For me it's not important to use pressure, I prefer a bondage which shows the beauty of the body, constricts it maybe in a new and exciting form. During sex I like to be touched, but it's equally good to touch, to tease, to stimulate. I love her being at my mercy, and at the mercy of my hands, my tongue, my lips. I know she isn't very experienced as far as bondage goes. I know what I am able to do, I am sure of my skills, and I know that complicated bondage just isn't my thing.
As the active part you should have a picture in your head at first, a phantasy, an image. You should know where to go during the session. I don't mind experiments, but it's rather strenuous for the passive part when I am standing there in front of her, willing to be tied up, and don't know where to begin and what to use.

I am thinking of a japanese whole body bondage, tying up the body like a net, including arms and legs. I know that I need at least 20 m rope. She is a tall woman, so it may be even more. For aesthetic reason I own only black and white ropes. Because it's agreeable to the skin and fits snugly around the body today I will use the white cotton rope without core, which makes the rope more elastic. I wound up several pieces, arranged according to their length, in a way that they can be unwinded quickly with a single movement.
The heating is on; before that I aired the room and closed the curtains. All candlesticks I own are gathered in my bedroom, the candles give off a soft light. The large mirror is positioned so that she can watch herself when I have tied her up while she is standing. And while I will drink only coffee, I put sparkling wine in the fridge for her.
From the loudspeakers of my stereo comes our favourite music for quiet games, less rhythmical, building up a mysterious carpet of sound. The bed is made of course, the rope hoist is firmly on its place at the hook I checked for stability before.
When I ask her into the bedroom, I see her eyes sparkling with excited expectation. Her arousal stimulates my own desire. Slowly I begin to take off her clothes. First the blouse and the bra, then the skirt and the panties. She doesn't wear stockings, only a pair of light pumps of a dark green, making a fascinating contrast to her dark red hair.
After a long kiss I step aside and look at her. Watch her rib cage rise and fall, the bit of insecurity in her eyes. Her tongue slips over her upper lip, the right hand twitches. I sense her expectation, decide to wait a bit, to keep her on tenterhooks.
"Are you ready?" I ask her softly. She looks at me, seriously at first, then she smiles and nods. We kiss. I put her arms together on the back. Then I take the first rope, a piece of approximately 8 meters. First I tie up her hands crosswise, then I lead the rope forward, above her breasts. Another loop of the rope which I took double below her breasts. I check that her hands aren't tied too rigid.

Now I take a rope of 12 meters and tie up her ankles. I take care not to twist the rope and now put another loop around her calfs, the next a bit below the knees, another above her knees and so on until I finally arrive at her waist.
She is swaying slightly. Her eyes are closed. The rope presses against her flesh, brings her breasts forward. She is standing directly under the rope hoist. Where the ropes cross at her back I attach the snaplink and tighten the pulley until I see that her upper part of the body is stabilized. The ropes press into her rib cage. I ask her whether she still can get enough air. She smiles dreamily and whispers "yes".

Now I put another rope around her waist, tighten it and pull it through between her legs. Because her legs are tied up already that's a bit difficult; I should have done it before. I am careful, put a finger between the soft skin of her crotch and the rope which I place symmetrically between her vulva lips before I tighten it at her back. She moans and swings only just perceptibly with her pelvis. I check her hands, which are still warm to the touch. I give her something of the sparkling wine to drink, touch her body which can't move anymore, tighten the rope at a few places with putting two fingers below it. I play with the rope in her crotch, let her sigh and moan. Despite the tightened ropes around her rib cage she is inhaling deeply, begins to breathe faster.

I turn around the mirror so that she can watch herself with a twist of her head. She opens her eyes when I whisper into her ear that she should have a look. Her look is wild and vulnerable all at once. I kiss her. Sitting on the chair in a corner of the room I can enjoy watching her even better. She is my piece of art.
Later, when I have freed her again, we lie on the bed, and with my fingers I touch the imprints of the ropes. We talk about our feelings during the bondage, the security, the feeling of being held by the ropes safely, the being restricted, my pride and her beauty, the look in her eyes and my concentration, the delight in my eyes, my power, our shared pleasure.

We lie on the bed, I put her hands beside her head, spread her legs. I ask her not to move, as if she was tied up in this position. She agrees willingly. When I penetrate her her arms are twitching. A soft touch reminds her of her promise ...

We are sitting in the living room opposite each other, I on the couch, she on a chair with armrests. "Take off your clothes," I say, "and slowly; make it exciting!" She gets up, smiling, does as I told her to.
Then I want her to sit down naked on the chair. I put her hands at her neck, her legs I put up on the armrests. From the bedroom I fetch a rope, and tie up her legs so that she can't move them anymore, van't close them. Her hands I tie up behind her neck. Slowly I begin to tease her, play with her breasts, her crotch, lick her, touch her, put my finger in her mouth, her vagina ...

We play the other way round. Sometimes she catches me when I come in the door, puts the handcuffs on, ties me to the bed while sitting on me. Or she makes a kind of harness out of some ropes, which I have to wear when we go out in the evening. There are endless possibilities and variations. Be it planned carefully, spontaneously, developing slowly - bondage can give the most different erotical kicks as long as both partners are willing and want to play.
Some people will be bothered because of the word play. They think of bondage as something serious, something much too important for such a "flimsy" word. But with play I don't mean acting as if; I don't mean to imply bondage is not important. I just want to express the playful, creative dealing with rope, handcuffs and straight jacket.

2. Drachenmann's (Tatsu Otoko) Edge Play

Dear friends, at the beginning some words about me. I am living in Hamburg, the biggest harbour town in Germany, directly at the red light district (kind of Kabuki-cho). I am 50 years old and working at germany's biggest publishing house for SM-Magazines and Books Charon Verlag (I am one of the owners). We are publishing every two month our magazine Schlagzeilen (look at I have also written and published the SM Handbook and the Bondage Handbook (sorry, only german at the moment, the rights for Japan are not given away) with more than 70.000 copies sold. It is a kind of standard thing in our country.
Starting with simple bondage 25 years ago, I stumbled on japanese bondage about 8 years ago. I was so much interested, that I visited Tokyo several times, to see and to learn more about Shibari. This year I am giving courses about japanese bondage as well in Germany as in Tokyo. In last June we have had two performance evenings in Tokyo with the wellknown Osada Steve.
Beside of my favor of japanese bondage I started the page 3 years ago. For this page I am doing photographs and films. I am doing performances as well (Spain, Danmark, different places in Germany). As a kind of second job I have a small piercing and branding Studio ( You see, I am a kind of busy with kinky things.
When I started playing the hard SM-Stuff like severe spanking and caning, needle play, heavy weights, branding, vaginal and anal fisting and breath control, I was very happy to have such a great wife, who is helping me with good ideas and feed backs. Without these feed backs, I think I would never had become a good master and sadist. The quality of a top, a sadist becomes only highclass with two possibilities: The first one is to start as a bottom, so you learn to know how it feels, how much you can take. But the problem can be, that if you start playing as a top with other persons, you could think, all peoples react equal and you are the messurment for this. That is for sure not true. Maybe you remember that there are days, you cant get enough and other days, you are very sensitive. So remind that all peoples are different and there possibilties of taking things can change from hour to hour and from day to day. So you come to the second way: You need a person you can trust to, who give you a good feed back for all these mean things you are trying to do. That means not a moan or a cry, that means for example the information, that this cane did not fit to that person. I know, in Japan is a tradition of doing a great show during SM-Play (itai!), but you need more than that. But at the beginning you need to know your instruments, learning how a whip is working, how you have to handle it, that you meet the point you want to meet.
So the first thing you need is information how things are working and than the second thing is, to have a partner who gives a clear and informative feed back.
I know, that this could be a bigger problem in Japan, than in Germany, because of the different SM-subcultures. In germany there are a kind of kinky "infra-structure" with many support groups and SM-organisations, parties, contact ads, resources in print and in the web etc. So it is much easier to meet people who have the same kink. Most of the parties have guards, so it is safe to play there for both sides. They are security contacts for persons who wanted to have a date with an unknwon person without the feeling of unsafeness.
But I know, they are also contact ads in this magazine and I think it is a good possibility to meet a partner. They are also dating lines and clubs, where you can look for people who fits to you.
OK, if you know how to handle the equipment and you have met a partner who is interested in this, you should not start playing at the first date. First you need to know your partner, how he will react and wether he gives you a good feed back or not.
I have checked out, that you can do heavy play with persons you meet at a party (like Department H) but mostly there will no second time.
The best way if you are into the really heavy stuff is to fall in love with your partner. There might be a good one-time play, there could be also a good friendship with play elements, but the most satisfieing way of hard play is a partner you are in love to.
I have seen several erotic bondage performanes in Tokyo and the big difference to the performances I am doing is: The japanese are playing two games, every person their own one. We are playing together, using the permanent contact, to push up each other, going more and harder ways. It looks more friendly, more romantic, but my slaps are much harder, my tortures are more mean than it looks like. As a performer I am not in the tradition of wearing sun glasses (because it is dangerous doing things in public?) and having a stone face. I am more into smiling, kissing, caressing AND being really cruel. For exemple: When I settle the candles on the skin of my "victim" after using them for waxing, the skin will burn a little bit. But if I kiss these burns with love, it will be okay.
So, the idea of hard play is love. Without love it is just a kind of misuse of the person.
There are some very hard european SM-Vidoes with bloody stripes from caning, with nailed tits and pierced cunts, with needles trough the nipples, cigarettes pressed onto the skin and other hard stuff. But you need to see the films, so you can see wether it is abuse or a loving SM-Play. If the peoples are laughing together, if they are in contact, talking to each other, it could be a kind of disclaimer.
There are some videos from the eastern Europe at the market, which was done with prostitutes or professional models. OK, they are hard, but for me it is more interesting, to see the more private films with couples who are in love.
Some month ago, I nailed the tits of a girlfriend of mine to a table. Another girlfriend filmed these situation. It looks hard, but it is also a warm feeling of friendship and tenderness you will find all the time. And that is the thing, that counts!

Three situations:

If you are into heavy play with your lover, you need to listen to the wishes and belongings of her, take care of her physic and psychic needs and sanity. You are the one who is using the responsibiltity her, which was given to you by her for this case.
No alcohol, no drugs, much time (also after the situation, because you both will have to talk together, telling each other the feelings during the situation, may be take care of the situation. Heavy play is nothing for all day playing.

1. Needles
We talked about needles some time ago. She has had some bad experiences with her ex-partner. During a party we talked once again.
And than I told her, that I have a medical needle with me. She asked for testing. Ok, we will try. First I desinfect the skin. Than I put on a pair of latex gloves. I opened the sterile needle package with surgical needles for one time use and pull one out. I looked at her, she told me once again, that she want to try. She trusted me, because I know, what I am doing. I grab a small piece of skin directly above her left nipple and put the needle trough the skin, that the sharp end will come at the other side. Better doing it this way, than put it into the flesh frontal. The sharp endge of the needle could cause unseen bleedings under the flesh.
I looked in her eyes, she smiled and told me, that it is no problem, she like it. I tipped against the flesh with the needle in it. She moaned.
Some days later, she forget her big safty pin, she is using to fix her scotish tartan skirt. I recogniced, that the end of the pin is very sharp. Looks like good steel. When she visited me again, I put the pin into her blouse. She looked at me. "Oh only the blouse" she provoced.
Ok, I tell her, the needle of the pin is sterile like a surgical
needle, but I use a desinfectant. Than I pull up her blouse and grab for her tits. Playing with her nipples till they becomes hard. "OK, you big mouthed woman, you will feel it", I told her. She lifted her head, looking proud and smiling to me. The safty pin is more than twice as thick as a surgical needle. This will be something special.
After desinfecting I pressed the tip of the needle directly between nipple and breast. I was surprised about the resistance of the skin.
I pressed more hard, she cries out loud. I looked at her, knowing that she likes crying. It is ok, she told me. With much pressure the needle will go into the skin, and than out of the skin at the other side of the nipple. Human skin is more strong, as one may think.
I close the safty pin. We kissed each other. I press my body against hers. So she could feel more of the stitch. Than I grab her between the legs. She is definitly wet, really wet. She moans. So I start fucking her, playing with light pull on the pin.
Later I put out the needle. A bit blood comes out of the canal of the stitch. But we decided no woundpavement.

On her right shoulder there is a tattoo of an unicorn. But nothing on her left shoulder. We talked about this and she told me, that she would like to have a cutting there. But not idea, what the design could be. I used several copies of a photograph of her back, to try out many designs. It should fit to the tattoo, but should be something special. Not too complicated, because I am not so much into cutting. I have done it sometimes, but I am not a great professional.
So the design has to be kind of simple. After a while I found out, that a kind of wing form that needs about 9 cuttings for the whole design would look nice. We used a pen to make sketch on her back. Is the high and the direction ok?
After we both was satisfied with the design, I desinfect the place of the cutting. I would like to use one of my very sharp knives, but for safty reasons, I use a onetime use scalpel. We need good ligh, a calm atmosphare, some special more meditative music. It was in the early evening. After kissing and caressing her face, I pull out the scalpel. First I start with the most compilcated cut. It was a curved one and it is very hard to do this in one movement. You have to cut only one millimeter into the skin. The blood comes out immediatly. No
good idea to start with this one, because the blood runs over the sketch. I put some sterile gaze out of the package and used it to rub the blood away. Than I proceed with the next cuttings. Also I am used to it more or less, it comes out, that the first cut was more deep than the following ones.
When the design was cutted. We were very happy. I got a mirror to show her, how it looks like and how the blood drips out, running down the back. Because I have forgotten to use an old blanket to put it under her, we had blood drops in the bed, where she was laying. But this situation connects us much more, than the most other games we are doing. And now, two month later, the "wing" scars looks great and
she likes to feel them as much as I do.

You have seen it in some videos, it looks ugly and brutal. But in the phantasy it is a big thing. We thought about this since some weeks, I have some experieces with normal piercings. The nails, I am looking for should be out of steel, no zinced or chromed ones. After I found some, I use a metal file to sharpen the tips. Than I bring them to a tattoo studio because I know they have sterilisation devices. I also looked for a board of pure wood. If I would use a table for nailing,
the table would not be the problem, but what will be happening, if she will become unconcious? If there is something not fixed, I would let her down without problems. But nailed to a table or something other stabile, it could be a big problem in this case.
Because this would be a very special situiation, we asked a friend to film the scene.
One evening, we wanted to try this. I put a piece of red velvet and lay it on the table. Than I undress her, taking time for this.
After she was sitting on a chair, her breasts on the board, which was losely laying on the table, I checked for the nails, desinfectant, sterile gauze, something non alcoholic to drink, a pair of pliers to pull out the nails afterwards and last not least, the hammer. The friend starts videoing and I asked her, wether she is ready for this experience. If she wanted, she could step out of this with no problem. But she told me, she wants to do it, but she has much anxiety also. I started with right breast. After desinfection of the skin and wearing latex gloves, I can start. Pressing the nail into the soft flesh next to the nipple (if she would have nipple piercings, I could use the holes and could do a good nailing fake, but she has no piercings there), I got the hammer and let him fall
down on the head of the nail. She cries, but the nail was gone
through the flesh and into the wooden board. I kissed her. Than I took the next tit, starting agin with the same procedure.
Again a cry. With one hand she graps to my hands, to hold herself.
Some sweet comes out of her skin. After drinking a little bit water, she feels better. I told her, to lift the board with her tits. She looks so beautiful with her nailed tits. I love her for this.

Matthias T. J. Grimme aka Tatsu Otoko (written for japanese SM-Magazin SM-Sniper) | Contact / Imprint