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Suspension Bondage

Physics for Bondage People - go here!

Suspension Bondage

Suspension means hanging, so in suspension we have a bondage bringing the „victim“ into a hanging position; vertically or horizontally, with the head at the top or at the bottom, tied up like a package , tied up in a bondage sack, hanging on a chain harness.

Like with all kinds of bondage with supension, too, it's important that no nerv is trapped, no blood vessel is squeezed and no muscles or tendons are pulled.

There's a fundamental principle: Suspension normally is something only for a short time. Although at the beginning it can be quite comfortable the passive part may soon experience the „Jesus-on-the-cross-effect“. (The tug at the arms because of the weight of the own body at some time begins to restrict breathing, and a person can suffocate in this position.)

Suspension Bondage is nothing for beginners. Before you try it you should learn the basics in a workshop or with a bondage handbook.

The basis for supension is a stabil opportunity for fixing; a ceiling beam, for example, a concrete ceiling or a bondage frame. And you should use crib or swing hooks. When you fix a person laterally or when a lateral pull develops even those hooks can get bent. So in order to be on the safe side a fixing at two or better even three points is preferable.

Various materials:

The bondage sack (made of leather or stabile canvas; offered, for example, by the British company Fetters) is a comfortable solution for a supension which can even last a bit longer. Stabile fixing device allow a suspension vertically as well as horizontally.
Hand hoisting cuffs exist in various styles. The best are those with an integrated handle the victim can cling to. Normal wrist cuffs don't distribute the pull evenly. That can cause the cuff to tip over which in turn leads to a one-sided strain on the wrist.
Feet hoisting cuffs come as a kind of sandal (with a heel strap and a broad resting point for the instep) and as a stabile lace-up shoe with eyes under the sole. You can use comfortable old hiking or ski boots for this.

Mountaineering harnesses: A professional gear for lowering people on a rope. If you want something like that you should consult someone from a specialist shop for mountaineering.

Typical SM-suspension harnesses you can get in several different kinds. For once here the more expensive ones normally are the safer and better ones, too. You should check their comfortability beforehand. It's important that they are well-padded at the place which supports the groin.

But who prefers Rope bondage wants to know, of course, if and how to do suspension with ropes.

Yes, and as always there are several possibilities. To read a book or to study a homepage is no substitute for a real bondage workshop (There are some good Tutorials on the web, which are better than nothing). And you should never „just try it out“.

The American-European variation uses lots of threads around shoulders, waist and thighs to create a broad resting point. From those threads the rope ends are led above so that the tug is exerted regularly on all threads. After the rope ends have been fixed at a hoist or winch the person can be pulled up.

The Japanese Bondage variation has two different kinds of supension bondage.

The First: A rope with at least 8 parallel threads is put around the fixing points at upper arms/shoulders/rib cage, the rope is attached at a snaplink above the victim, and another rope is put around ankle and thigh (while the victim is still standing on one leg), as far up as possible into the groin. Then the other leg is fixed with another rope just like the first, and then the person is supended.A little example is here!
The second much more strenuous variation the person is tied up at her/his wrists and ankles. (To carry out Japanese supension bondage correctly the disciples of the bondage mistresses and masters practice long and hard.) A little idea of it here!

Once more: Japanese Bondage People learn a long time to do bondage on the ground or in a half suspension (one-leg-suspension) before they are aloud to start a whole suspension. If you are not safe with it, you can damage the health of your model. One point more: If you try the first suspension, let the suspension last only for a maximum of 2 minutes. Next time you can go up to 3 minutes and so on. So you can avoid severe nerv damages and other problems.

Look for examples at Bondagenames-Page

And here to prove taht I know how it feels, a suspension with me as a "victim" bound by Andrea Grimme:

Das Bondage Handbuch, Matthias T. J. Grimme, Charon Verlag 1999/2013 (german)
Bondage Project Workshop 1 to 5 DVDs, Bondage Project 2004
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